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“Here’s Your Chance To Cash In on The Booming Demand For ‘How To’ Info in The High-Demand Health, Self-Help and Sports Niches -- Without Being an Expert or Even Writing a Word Yourself”


I’m going to hand you 10 different, full-length public domain works related to Health, Self-Help or Sports. Even better – you get them on a silver platter with nearly EVERYTHING done for you and ready to start making you money. We’re talking all the market research, competitive analysis, keyword analysis, locating back-end affiliate revenue sources, finding potential joint venture partners, clearing the copyrights, etc. – All for a TINY fraction of the time and money you would have to spend if you did it all yourself



Only 250 of Each Niched Package

Will Be Released...

Sports & Recreation


This is truly the ultimate “Done-It-For-You” information marketing package. With 10 works in each topic-focused niche category you’ll get:


150 Keywords To Instantly Drive Targeted Traffic Using Search Engine Optimization or Pay-Pay-per-Click Search Engines (Also includes Google Adwords competitive analysis and profit potential analysis with Google AdSense)


  10 Additional Back-End Revenue Streams You Can Sell As An Affiliate To Earn Commissions


  10 Potential Joint Venture or ‘Super Affiliate’ Partners Who Could Promote Your Site and New Products


  Specific Market Research Into How They Talk, Think, Act, etc. And lots more!


Keep reading for all the amazing details of this blockbuster package…



Dear Internet Friend,


Would an extra paycheck help this month?


Well how about 10 of them?


If you’re one of the first 250 lucky individuals to jump on this – I’m going to show you how to make a killing selling ‘how to’ info into some of the most profitable, in-demand niche categories…’Self-Help’, ‘Health’, and ‘Sports’…. without writing a word yourself or knowing a lick about the subject.


Stick with me because this is going to be one of the most exciting announcements and opportunities you’ll ever read…


Fact is, there’s nothing more profitable or easier to sell than information products. I’m talking about eBooks, reports, manuals, videos, audios, home study courses, etc. Let me start with the…


7 Reasons Why Information Products

Are The Best Way To Build Your Fortune Online or Offline


Reason #1: You have no competition. Everything you sell and your sales material is copyright protected so you can't be "knocked off".


Reason #2: Incredibly huge profit margins. People aren't paying for bits and bytes or paper and ink -- they are paying you for the value of the information. With an information product your profit margin is nearly 100% if it’s delivered online. Or if you’re selling a physical information product it’s easy to make 10x or more your cost. (Compare that to any retailer who can only compete on price and eeks out a slim single digit profit margin.)


Reason #3: You can work from anywhere you wish. It doesn't matter if you're playing beach volleyball in Aruba or skiing in the Rockies (like I do). You can run your business from anywhere you can find an Internet connection. (This past Thanksgiving, I went to Aruba for a week and during that time $12,352.89 was deposited in my account. I didn't even bring my laptop because I could use any random Internet café to run my business.)


Reason #4: You can set up your business so it works on complete autopilot (that's how my web sites are set up right now).


Reason #5: No need for employees. I have absolutely zero employees (it's just my wife and I running the whole show) and I couldn't be happier not to deal with all those headaches and hassles. When I need something done I simply outsource it.


Reason #6: Incredibly low start up costs. You don't need a factory or even a store front because you can run your business in any spare space a computer fits.


Reason #7: You get paid over and over again for work you do one time. Once your information product is created you can keep selling it over and over again. The work is done one time and you repeatedly profit from it.


But There Is A Big (Actually More Like A HUGE) Glaring Problem!...


You see, once most people hear about all these benefits of selling information products they run around all excited and motivated to give it a go…. but sadly most fall flat on their face trying. They don’t know how to find markets interested in paying, they choose the wrong subjects, they don’t know how to package up their information plus lots of other mistakes that lead to nothing but frustration.


I want to do something about that.


That’s why, I’m going to hand you the biggest shortcut to a complete information marketing empire with practically all the hard work done for you


Some of you may have heard of (or even bought) the original Public Domain Goldmine™ volumes. Those were 35 different works in 35 different niches. And they literally flew off the shelves and sold-out in days each time a new volume was released. We released 9 different volumes and you can’t get your hand on any of them today because they were strictly limited to 250 sets for each one.


However... since there were 35 different niches in there – some customers suggested we create more topic focused volumes instead of covering so many various niches. That way if all the works were related some could be used as the ‘front-end’ product, some could be bonuses and still others could sold to those same customers on the ‘back-end’. It made a lot of sense because you would be attracting customers who had an interest in one topic and continuing to sell them more along the same lines.


Some of you suggested we cut down the number of works from 35. That way we could make it more affordable for people to get going with this.


That’s why we released the Public Domain GoldMines™ Health Niche Volume I & Self-Help Niche Volume I.


Guess what? Those flew off the shelves as well.  Poof! Sold out.  No longer on the market.


But the demand for high quality ‘how-to’ information in these niches keeps going up.  The customers in these niches are hungry for more...   


And that’s the reason I’m writing to you today...


Announcing 4 New Public Domain GoldMines™

Health Niche Volume...

Self-Help Niche Volume...

Sports/Recreation Volume...

AND Multi-Niche Volume.


Putting together the ultimate information marketing resource has not been an easy or inexpensive task. Over the last few months my partner and I have shelled out well over $2,850.00 in cash (per niche category) plus poured 80+ man-hours toiling away to create the package you’ve been waiting for (where all you have to do is start profiting from it). However, I think you’ll agree it was well worth the effort once you see what’s inside …


The heart of the package for either the Health, Self-Help, Sports/Recreation or Multi-Niche Volume is a CD-rom filled with 10 all-new full-length public domain works. (I’ll show you how easy it is in a moment to sell the material ‘as-is’, cut, edit, mix & match or use anyway you’d like to instantly profit from – but in case you need a refresher on what public domain content is click here.)


Gold Mine Profit Component #1:


You get 10 different Health, Self-Help, Sports/Recreation or Multi-Niche (multiple categories of various profitable niches) related public domain works which are all scanned for you along with the pictures and graphics from the books. Each work has been OCR scanned which means you can cut and paste and move around text from the books in any word processor program you already use. Plus, all the graphics and pictures have been included and placed in the exact right spots as originally created.


What’s more, to make sure you stay on the right side of the law each of the books has had their copyrights cleared by top copyright law firm, Hynak & Associates:


Just the copyright searches by themselves cost us over $1,000.00 per volume but it’s money well spent to make sure you would be free and clear to use this material anyway you’d like. Plus, so you can feel safe using the works you’ll get copies of the actual copyright clearances in your package. Trust me, you’ll be glad we took this extra step because we actually found some works which we thought were safe from our ‘do-it-yourself’ copyright searches only to have them turn up as being renewed by the copyright holder. Now if we didn’t take this extra step – anyone using this material could be in big, big trouble – but you don’t have to worry about that here.


Each of the new Public Domain Gold Mine™ Niche volumes gives 10 different public domain works in very profitable niche categories...and every single previous volume was SOLD-OUT and unavailable again until now — here's why...

My slightly embarrassing mistake and
circumstances that 'force' this SALE!

This is kind of embarrassing but there are 3 reasons this is going on...

Reason #1: Because of a "warehousing glitch" (definition: someone messed up), we found a few unmarked boxes containing previous volumes of Public Domain Goldmine niche volumes that we THOUGHT were all sold out.

Reason #2: On top of that since we only sell 250 of any volume — we get a few returns for whatever reason. Those returns typically sit in our stockroom too except for rare occasions when we make them available again.

Reason #3: The third part of this is we’ve already started promoting the newest releases — in fact, they’re shipping to our "standing order" customers right now — and we’re locked-in to our schedule. We simply cannot "back up" and resume promoting these

So all of this creates an almost ‘Perfect Storm of Savings’ for you. And to make sure we clear these out right away — we’re slashing the costs and adding up the savings for you!

WARNING: We’ve only got a few copies left of each volume, and they’re going fast … but if you see it listed on this page, you still have a good chance of grabbing a copy. If your first choice(s) are unavailable we’ll contact you to ask if you are willing to substitute. And don’t worry our complete unconditional guarantee still applies here.

For some volumes there are a few dozen available and for others literally just a handful — so I suggest grabbing these immediately!

Choose from the following collections:

Public Domain Goldmine™ Health Niches:

1) Health Niche Volume II

  • Herbal remedies
  • Cancer cure
  • Yoga
  • Keeping fit
  • Diet
  • Parkinsons disease help
  • Natural Foods & more

2) Health Niche Volume III

  • Tai Chi
  • Dieting
  • Herbs for health
  • Headache remedies
  • Yoga
  • Prevent illness
  • Live longer & more

3) Health Niche Volume IV

  • Zone Reflex & Massage therapy
  • Tap your hidden energy
  • Nutrition
  • Relax with Yoga
  • Overcome Arthritis
  • Enjoyment
  • Vitamins & more

4) Health Niche Volume V

  • Arthritis
  • Fitness book
  • Massage techniques
  • Headache treatment
  • Low cholesterol cooking
  • Yoga
  • Stress management & more

Public Domain Goldmine™ Self-Help Niches:

5) Self-Help Niche Volume II

  • Learn to sing
  • Read faster
  • Conquering Fears
  • Public Speaking
  • Success
  • Foreign Language Learning
  • Handwriting Personality & More

6) Self-Help Niche Volume III

  • Better speaking voice
  • Hypnotism
  • Prevent stuttering
  • Improve personality
  • Public speaking
  • Better meetings
  • Solving human problems & more

7) Self-Help Niche Volume IV

  • Creativity
  • Successful living
  • Make Reading fun
  • Scientific autosuggestion
  • Success thru self-mastery
  • Better talk
  • Making dreams come true & more

8) Self-Help Niche Volume V

  • Better Listening
  • Creativity
  • Better speaking
  • Raising children
  • Achieving happiness
  • Counseling & more

Public Domain Goldmine™ Sports & Recreation Niches:

9) Sports and Recreation Volume I

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Soccer
  • Latin Dance
  • Water skiing
  • Deer Hunting & more

10) Sports and Recreation Volume II

  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Archery
  • Football
  • Fly-tying
  • Snow skiing & more

11) Sports and Recreation Volume III

  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Handball
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Bodybuilding
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Football & more

12) Sports and Recreation Volume IV

  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics
  • Judo
  • Wrestling
  • Fishing
  • Ice hockey
  • Golf
  • Football & more

Public Domain Goldmine™ Multi-Niche:

13) Multi-Niche Volume I

  • Astrology
  • Acting
  • Sewing
  • Math puzzles
  • Learn Guitar
  • Dog care
  • Salad book
  • Gardening
  • Build furniture & more

14) Multi-Niche Volume II

  • Growing plants
  • Pen and ink drawing
  • Pet book
  • Raising children
  • Building furniture
  • Astrology
  • Crafts
  • Successful hostess & more

15) Multi-Niche Volume III

  • Clowning
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Christmas ideas
  • Oil painting
  • Dog training/care
  • Jewelry design
  • Rock gardens
  • Diet cookbook
  • Teach child to talk & more

16)  Multi-Niche Volume IV

  • Acting
  • Dog care
  • Fly-rod casting
  • Swimming
  • Pottery making
  • Jewelry making
  • Math games
  • Learn to draw
  • Parenting & more

And to help assure your success each of the works was carefully selected for marketplace potential by Michael Holland and yours truly. In fact, let me introduce you to Michael and explain why I approached him to put this together.


You see, Michael is the author of a best-selling ebook called “The Niche Mastery System” He’s an expert in identifying high-profit, low-competition niches. He has several little niche moneymaking sites including www.Kids-Rooms-and-Crafts.comwww.RC-Car-Fun.com and www.Home-Decorating-Made-Easy.com among others that earn him a full time income online.


And as you can see below, his Home Decorating site averages a whopping 70,000+ visitors per month so like me, he is someone who actually ‘walks his talk’ (which is pretty rare):


homedecapril2009.jpg 614x487


Together Michael and I culled through hundreds of books, dozens and dozens of subjects, checked copyright renewals, analyzed and re-analyzing search results and trends to finally arrive at 10 works per volume that met our criteria. Frankly, we discarded and threw out way more books than we used to give you the ultimate information marketing shortcut.


All of this hard work we put in makes it easy for you to sell these “in-demand” materials all day long for $29, $39, $69 or even $200 or more a pop. In fact, just off the top of my head let me give you…


11 Powerful Ways to Use This Material To

Jumpstart Your Information Marketing Empire


1.      Digital Information Products This has got to be one of my favorites. You can simply compile the material ‘as is’ or with a few slight edits to turn it into an eBook that you can sell over and over and over again. Imagine waking up every morning and finding orders waiting for you in your email box. As you were sleeping customers from all over the world were giving you money. And the best part is once you've got your system set up you don't have to do much at all because your computer takes the order, processes the credit cards, delivers the product and then deposits money in your bank account - all without you lifting a finger. It’s like having your own perfect moneymaking machine working for you tirelessly day and night.


Personally, I have all kinds of these little “digital online oil wells” selling eBooks on diverse topics like Fitness (www.GetFitWhileYouSit.com), Art (www.FigureDrawingSecrets.com) and even House Plants (www.HousePlantSecrets.com) that bring in money like clockwork, each and every month (just like Michael has as well)…and now you can too.


2.      Physical Information Products If you want to charge (and get) even more money for your information products you should consider making them physical and shipping them out to the customers. You could easily take the public domain material, read the book into a microphone and then record that onto a CD. Poof! Instant information product. Or take the material, divide it into sections and turn that into a home study course that you pack into a 3-ring binder. I’ve sold home study courses for as high as $897 and I’m almost embarrassed to say it only cost me about $55 to put the package together. Or another great example is a publisher who took a whole series of ‘long lost’ golf books and turned them into nice hard bound editions where the entire set goes for a princely sum of $1,847.00. Any ideas yet?


3.      Derivative Works – Here’s where you can make really big money. You can take the material given to you and use that as the basis for an “eClass” – where you deliver a series of lessons to students and then they have homework assignments. Or even something like a video tape series. Case in point. A few years ago, my buddy, Matt Furey, stumbled over a dusty home study course from 1914 teaching "catch wrestling". Furey quickly purchased this course for a couple measly bucks and turned it into a complete manual and video set for his market of fitness and wrestling buffs. He now charges (and gets) $597.00 for this material - making himself $100,000.00+ each year from just this one product.


4.      Sell Reprint Rights There are tons of people out there who want to buy reprint rights to products to sell. You could sell your version of the information product along with marketing material for upwards of $199, $299 or even $1950. People love reprint rights and it’s a quick and easy way to make loads of money immediately! [Important note: You cannot resell all 10 works ‘as is’ – you can sell reprint rights only to a derivative product you have created from the original public domain material.]


5.      Use as Upsells I’ve been doing this for years and not too many people have caught on. Personally, I've taken several public domain works and used them for tons of profit. One of them is used as an "upsell" to a regular version of my best-selling product. This upsell goes for $15 extra dollars and a whopping 66% of people take it. (Now when you've got an extra 200-300 people a month taking you up on this - it adds up pretty quickly!) It’s so easy to do. You simply present your buyer with an additional opportunity to ‘upgrade’ their order or add something to their order. Just like when the cashier at McDonald’s asks you “Do you want fries with that?”


6.      Sell on Ebay or Any other Auction Site Go ahead and put your work up for sell on Ebay.com or any other auction site. You’re perfectly free to do this and sell your works for any amount you choose. Ebay is one of the largest marketplaces on the planet and people go there just to buy – shouldn’t you be there selling?


7.      Bonuses Here’s another way to put this material to work for you. Simply use the work as a bonus to your main offering. People love bonuses and many people will buy a product just for the bonus if it’s unique and not something they’ve seen all over the Net already. This material is perfect to boost your sales this way. [Note: You can only include up to 3 of the works in one package as a bonus.]


And now the last 4 ideas will let you take the content and distribute it for free to make money:


8.      Viral Ebooks Here’s a really cool way to generate income from this material. You simply take parts of the books and turn it into a Viral eBook by allowing others to pass along or even sell this eBook as their own. Once you trigger the “virus” it’s nearly impossible to make it stop because people keep passing it on and then those people keep passing it on, etc. etc.


My friend, Rebecca Fine from Seattle, WA used this exact technique to “accidentally” launch her six-figure business. Rebecca took a public domain book and started giving it away for free from her site because as she says: "I got tired of emailing the ebook to so many people". Her ebook took on a life of its own and this "viral" ebook started getting passed along and forwarded to people. Today she has ezine subscribers from over 114 different countries and she now has a whole line of products built around this one freely available success book.

Rebecca tells me she is making more money than she ever imagined. Plus, you can ‘super size’ this strategy by creating a viral eBook with the material and then including affiliate links that pay you commissions anytime someone buys from your recommended resources.


9.      Google AdSense – Use the material to create an information-rich website and then place a tiny piece of code from Google to run their AdSense program on your site. You’ll essentially partner up with Google and get paid a percentage for everyone that simply clicks on the ads Google places on your sites. If done right this can add up very quickly.


10.  Articles or Mini Courses People are starving for great content. You can ‘slice and dice’ the material into little bite sized 500-800 word articles to distribute for free publicity and traffic to your sites. Editors of ezines and owners of web sites are always looking for hot, fresh content and in exchange they’ll send you over targeted traffic.


Or you could use these little content tidbits to create a “mini course” that people would subscribe to from your site or from ads you run. You just load a series of 4-7 articles into your autoresponder and it delivers it on total autopilot. And at the same time you’re building a mailing list of people interested in your subject and who you can promote to over and over again. Anytime you want more money – you can simply click ‘send’.


11.  Search Engine Content Just like editors and web site owners are looking for content, so are search engines. The number one reason people go online is for information research, and by setting up ‘content rich’ web pages – the search engines will reward you with tons and tons of free visitors. (Actually that’s a big part of Michael’s 70,000+ visitors to his Home Decorating site and he comes clean about this technique in Bonus #3)


And those are just a few of the ideas that come to mind. There are tons of additional ways you can use the material from the Public Domain GoldMine™ Health Niche Volume II , Self-Help Niche Volume II, Sports & Recreation Volume I and Multi-Niche Volume I. You are only limited by your imagination.


But we’re still going to do even more of the back-breaking, “dirty work” for you. Check this out…


Not only do you get all 10 full-length public domain works completely scanned for you and the copyrights cleared – but we’ll also hand you the other pieces of the puzzle you need to profit from these works over and over again!


Gold Mine Profit Component #2:


You’ll get at least 150 keywords for each of the 10 related works. We have carefully researched the most profitable keywords you can advertise using Pay-per-click search engines or where to start for search engine optimization. Plus, not only are keywords handed to you but they are also analyzed by competition. You’ll see how many times people searched for these search phrases then how many ‘regular’ sites come up in the search engines. This gives you the “R/S Ratio”. In general, the lower the ratio the better because a low R/S Ratio makes it a great candidate for attracting traffic by using a content-based site and using Google AdSense to display ads.


But it doesn’t stop there because you’ll get a complete picture on how many competitors you have advertising on Google AdWords. If you see less than 8 people advertising on Google you know you can land on the first page of results for as little as 5 cents per click.

Now all the hard work of coming up with good keywords has been taken care of for you. Just think, you can just start with this list of 150+ keywords, put $5.00 into your Google AdWords account and be driving targeted traffic in less than 15 minutes. No joke. This is another huge shortcut.


Gold Mine Profit Component #3:


Next, you’ll get the profit potential analysis with Google AdSense—to give you the inside scoop on the competition and tell you if it makes sense to try and create a content-rich site and put Google AdSense ads on there. Now in case you haven’t heard of Google AdSense before – it’s the program offering by Google which lets you share in the pay-per-click revenue Google earns simply by placing a tiny piece of code on your site (it’s easy). This code then automatically generates little classified ads on your site. If a visitor clicks on the ad you share the profits with Google. Now some people are making heaps of money with this but many others aren’t even paying their sites costs. That’s why Michael is going to give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on all 150 keywords so you don’t waste your time on a wild goose chase.


Gold Mine Profit Component #4:


There’s still more because you’ll also get 10 potential back-end revenue streams for products or services you can sell as an affiliate. Do you realize the real money for any business usually isn’t from making 1 sale? It’s true, the mega profits come from repeatedly selling your customers or opt-ins over and over again. This list of 10 back-end profit centers will give you a jumpstart without sitting down and thinking “what should I sell them next?”


Fact is, people intensely interested in a subject will buy lots and lots of stuff that is related. Personally, I have hundreds of books related to marketing and advertising because that’s what I’m passionate about. I don’t just have 1 or 2. Most marketers grossly underestimate the consumption habits of their list. Now there’s no reason not to keep selling additional products or services to them while you take an affiliate commission for the recommendation.


Just a reminder – the 10 works on your topic-focused volume can be sold to the new customers or list you create since they are all on the same topic.


Gold Mine Profit Component #5:


One of the absolute best ways to create a non-stop revenue stream for your business and really kick it into high gear is by setting joint ventures or finding ‘Super Affiliates’. We’re going to hand you a carefully culled list of 10 potential joint venture or super affiliate contacts for each of the works.


Each person was selected because they would complement any kind of information product you create from the material given to you. Once you start making sales and you have a proven product it’s easy to approach people in these niches – especially because they aren’t being constantly bombarded to “do a JV” by everyone and their brother.


Here’s a quick example to prove my point: With my site for artists (www.FigureDrawingSecrets.com) I spent about 15 minutes finding 4 other figure drawing related sites to contact. I sent them a quick email (not spam because I personally sent it after finding their site) and I got back positive replies from 2 people right way (that’s 50%!). Now those 2 people are constantly and consistently driving me free traffic and I only pay them whenever their visitors buy my eBook. Pretty cool, huh?


This is the way to get hundreds, even thousands of websites working for you advertising and selling your product. There’s no way to lose because you only pay them after they make a sale. At last count, I have over 37,391 affiliates in our main affiliate program and that’s by far one of the biggest reasons for my success online. Now with this list of potential partners you’ll be started on the same road.


Gold Mine Profit Component #6:


The last component is critically important if you don’t know a whole lot about each of these groups. The biggest mistake many would-be niche marketers commit is trying to talk to every marketplace the same way. Wrong! You’ve got to talk the same way they talk so they know you’re ‘one of them’. You need to know how they think, how they talk, what lingo they use, how they act, etc. if you want to get exceptional results.


You’ll get a complete dossier on each of the 10 works which will give you what I call “copy nuggets”. These are little snippets you can include into your sales site or content pages so these niche marketplaces will know the product you’re advertising is exactly for them. Trust me, that’s ultra important if you want to see exceptional results. 


Now when you combine all 6 profit components included here you have absolutely everything you need to profit each of the different niche categories. 


Listen, the best part is once you figure this all out it takes you almost no time at all to set up a whole slew of these little moneymakers for you. (Personally, both Michael and I each have 4 on completely different topics all set up and going on autopilot and when we get a couple spare moments we’ll be putting up even more.)


In fact, check out these results from my site for artists:



This is a Clickbank statement of recent bi-weekly checks. (In this case the amounts are all NET that comes into my pocket not gross because Clickbank pays out affiliate commissions and handles all the credit cards for me).


I literally threw this public domain project up on the web in about 9 hours (working on and off between other projects).


And the funny thing is I created this project as a challenge to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this works in almost any kind of market (however we’ve uncovered 10 of the best ones for you in each niche category). The public domain work I picked is the one I mentioned before that teaches artists how to draw people and human anatomy better (www.figuredrawingsecrets.com).


Can you imagine a worse market to go after?


You’ve heard the phrase “starving artists” before, right? Well, this market would definitely NOT be my first choice -- however you can see for yourself it is bringing in about $300 a month.


Now I literally haven’t even touched the site since I put it up and even with me completely out of the picture not lifting a finger it still makes hundreds every single month like clockwork. (Now if I was a little more motivated I could easily double or triple this site in no time flat.)


Of course, this project isn't going to make me filthy rich - but hey -- who wouldn't want their car payment or maybe even their mortgage covered by one of these little autopilot "oil wells"?


Now we’re handing you the keys to 10 of them inside every volume!


Let’s Do a Little Fun Math So You Can

See The Real Profit Potential Here…


If you have just one site doing a measly $300.00/month (like I do) that makes you an extra $3,600.00/year. Not bad.


Now how if we had a few more sites to our stable?...


5 sites x $300.00/month = $1,500.00/month or an extra $18,000.00/year.


10 sites x $300.00/month = $3,000.00/month or an extra $36,000.00/year.


20 sites x $300.00/month = $6,000.00/month or an extra $72,000.00/year.


Now I’ll let you figure out what happens if the sites are doing just $500.00, $1000.00 or even $2,000.00/month. It gets really exciting in a hurry!


Listen, there’s another BIG benefit to all of this – and that is you’re practically bullet-proof to any competition. Even if somebody starts competing with you on one or two of your sites – no problem – you’ve still got a dozen more all churning out money for you day and night.


This truly is something you do part-time and then move full-time when you’re ready to go for it and fire your boss!


Here's Exactly How Profitable Different Niches Can Be For Regular People When They Apply our Moneymaking Secrets:



    Crochet Patterns


Dale Gibbons from Salem, Oregon took several public domain crochet patterns and followed my advice to bring in over $4,055.05 in less than 3 months with his first niche site (you can see the actual numbers above).


- Dale Gibbons, Salem, Oregon




    Guitar Lessons

"In 10 months I sold more than 1,000 copies of my product! My site is now in the top 2% of site traffic according Alexa.com... I control my life instead of a "boss". I now have time for my children. But I will be truthful. I have only gotten around to using about 10% of your ideas. The reason: I started getting orders immediately!

In the 3 years while all of my other investments were free falling this was the best investment that turned into $24,000!! And this year I plan on doing $100,000 in sales! I would recommend your products to anyone who wants a better way of life!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
- Andrew Koblick , Corte Madera, CA



    Salsa Lessons

“The page went up on April 1st.  As of today (April 9th), I have sold a total of 29 units!  That's 29 units in just over 8 days! Now that's not a lot, but considering that since January of this year I've had 2 sales, it is a BIG deal to me!! I can't believe how that really works, it's amazing! I still can't get over the fact that I can actually get money into my account while I do other things!  (The program I sell is downloadable and I have a program that automatically sends out a unique username and password to the purchaser...all without me touching it.)”


- Fernando Cruz, San Jose, CA




Day Traders

"Just a quick update if you don't mind. Especially since I've used a lot of your information in the process of marketing. …we have now sold 965 copies of our eBook. With 9 refunds for net sales total of 956 eBooks at $49.95 which of course can be verified through ClickBank [$47,752.20 in 49 days]. Right now it's ClickBanks #1 investment program. Sales continue to be strong. Just wanted to let you know how one of your students is doing. (smile!)"


- Stephen A. Pierce, Ann Arbor, Michigan



Real Estate Agents

"...Since purchasing the public domain kit six months ago I have myself authored seven new marketing ebooks using all public domain books. I take old sales books and rework them to have a slant towards real estate agents. When sales die down on each new product I simply go to my "vault" and write a new volume! Then release it to my opt in list (all who are real estate agents). I now gross $10k - $20k in online sales a month with my eyes closed. Before I bought your kit I was lucky if I pulled in $5k for the whole month. So the sky's the limit baby! Thanks man! You're my hero!!!”

 - Matt LaClear, Eaton Rapids, MI


“Okay So What’s This Going To Cost?”


Let’s do a quick recap of everything included in the Public Domain GoldMine™ package so you see the real value here. You get:


1.      10 different, full-length niche works scanned with their copyrights cleared and ready for you to use ‘as is’, cut and paste, mix and match, etc. all on CD-rom delivered to your door. (The "Health" volume contains 1,808 pages of ready-to-use material… the “Self-Help” volume has 2,023 pages… the “Sports & Recreation” volume—1,539 pages… and the “Multi-Niche” volume—1,766 pages… That’s 7,136 pages of ready-to-use-material… with all four volumes!)


2.      150 keywords analyzed and researched for you for each of the 10 different works inside the niched volumes so you can start driving tons of targeted traffic instantly.


3.      Google Adwords competitive analysis and profit potential analysis with Google AdSense.


4.      10 lucrative back-end opportunities you can sell as an affiliate and make commissions.


5.      10 potential joint venture or ‘Super Affiliate’ partners.


6.      Specific market research into how they talk, think and act so you can personalize your marketing to each of the niches inside the “Health,” “Self-Help,” “Sports/Recreation” or “Multi-Niche” niche category, even if you don’t know a thing about them.


Just take a look at the costs if you had to do this yourself:


Scanning alone would be $100 - $250 per work depending on the number of pages - but let’s just say $100. That’s 10 x $100.00 = $1,0500.00.


Scanning - $1,000.00


You would have to purchase the books themselves to check out if the content is any good from a bookseller. The books go from the low-end of $10 to $50+ depending on how rare they are - but let’s just say $15.00/book. That’s another $15 x 10 = $150.00. (And this doesn’t even include the 3 dozen books we purchased but discarded.)


Buying the Books - $150.00


Next, to have a top Intellectual Property law firm like Hynak & Associates do a copyright renewal search would cost you $90.00 per title. This comes to $90 x 10 = $900.00


Clearing the copyrights - $900.00


Then you’d need to research the niches, keywords, joint venture partners, back-end opportunities, etc. Listen, we’re pretty fast but we still spent over 80 hours doing this grueling work for you. Now we each charge several hundred dollars per hour for our time but for the sake of argument let’s say you got someone (who actually knew what they were doing) for only $10 per hour. Well at $10/hour that’s still $10 x 80 which is another $800.00


Research - $800.00


Do-It-Yourself Total - $2,850.00


If you were going to put this package together yourself it would cost you a whopping $2,850.00 per niche! But why put yourself through that when we’ve done all the hard work for you?


Right now it’s not going to run you anywhere close to what you’d pay if you did this yourself. Why? Because we want to put anyone who is serious and earnest about creating an automatic moneymaking revenue stream (or 10 of them per niche category) to be able to afford this package.  And the more serious you are, the better your package will be.  So here’s how it works…


ONE Volume

(any 1 of Health, Self-Help, Sports/Recreation OR Multi-Niche)


Just $247 now $177
(You save $70.00)

TWO Volumes

(any 2 of Health, Self-Help, Sports/Recreation OR Multi-Niche)

Just $494 now just $394

Only $177 per volume.

(You Save $100.00)

THREE Volumes

(any combination of Health, Self-Help, Sports/Recreation OR Multi-Niche)

Just $741 now just $591

Only $177 per volume.

(You Save $150.00)


FOUR Volumes Get One FREE

(any combination of 5 Health, Self-Help, Sports/Recreation OR Multi-Niche)

Just $708

Only $141.60 per volume.

(You Save $644.00)

FIVE Volumes Get Two FREE

(any combination of 7 Health, Self-Help, Sports/Recreation OR Multi-Niche)

Just $885

Only $126.43 per volume.

(You Save $844.00)

Get 6 Volumes Get 3 volumes FREE, etc. The savings keep adding up!

Click here to grab your discounted set(s) before they all disappear


The fact is, we could and should be charging a whole lot more than we are for this exclusive material.


Look at it another way - would you pay $24.70 for a fully researched, checked out, analyzed and “done for you” information product for a profitable niche? (That’s less than 2 large pizzas.)  And that’s if you only request one volume…  Your savings (and the return on your investment) increase with each additional volume you add.


In case you’re wondering, this is definitely not like one of those CDs you’ve seen sold with resell rights and thousands and thousands of reports on it. These are not little dinky and pretty much worthless collection of 500 or 1000 reports. These are full length books up to 342 pages (most around 100-200 pages).


In fact, the "Health" volume contains 1,808 pages of ready to use material…  the "Self-Help" volume has 2,023 pages… the “Sports & Recreation” volume--1,539 pages… and the “Multi-Niche” volume has 1,766 pages...That's 7


Listen, any dodo can put together a CD-rom with 1000s of public domain works they picked off from Guttenberg.org or Government sites. But that material would sell just about as well as hot soup on a 100 degree day.


Here Are A Just a Few of The Comments

We’ve Been Flooded With From Goldmine Buyers:


"...I have 2 sites up already (and selling) and I am using one further book to build a content site around existing content for affiliate commissions. It's sometimes hard when sending in comments not to sound over the top yet I fully expect to have 15 sites up within 12 weeks with an income goal of $6000 per month minimum. Here in the UK that's around £3500 (net of costs). As you can probably work out the numbers are conservative..."

  - Neal Stafford, Wigan, UK


"Yanik and Michael - wow!  You guys have done it yet again.  I've researched and sold public domain information myself, and I know what kind of headache it is to pull it all together (especially the scanning!).  So when I saw your package, it took about 60 seconds for me to whip out my credit card and reserve a copy - you've saved me DAYS of research and hassle. And what a smart decision it's been!  Even though I've got my main online business, I've already been able to put up one of the public domain works...and it was almost instantly selling and profitable (conversions are GREAT!).  Not bad, considering I put up the site in my spare time, spending only about 30 minutes here and there…!"

-  Chris Zavadowski, Centreville, VA - InstantMLMSalesLetters.com


“This is the closest thing to a "Genie in a Bottle" that I have seen.  As we all know, no effort leads to no results.  But you have done it for me.  You guys have put so much work into this package that anyone with no confidence (like myself) can follow your simple "fill in the blanks" directions, forms, templates, and have a profitable site up and running in a short time.  I had been studying Internet Marketing for a year, and had not yet put up a site. All of the available "How To" packages that I have seen, left you on your

own, in regards to product creation, sales pages, and payment processing.  I had so much direction and information, that the whole idea of creating a website seemed a bit overwhelming.  Your package has changed all that in a matter of days.  When I bought your package, I thought I was going to be able to get over the product creation hurdle. WRONG!  This was a COMPLETE solution, leaving no rock unturned.  Within a couple of evenings, I had my first site running!  Thank you for giving me the jump start that I needed to get started.  I appreciate your thoroughness and hard work without making it

complicated.  I now know how to do it myself by following your examples. Simple.”

 - Randy Arras, Massillon, Ohio


 “Absolutely Incredible! I have found a special niche for EVERY product you have included in Volume 1 and sales CONTINUE to skyrocket month after month.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity and tools I need to succeed...Go ahead and bill me for volume 2 - I want the 1st copy!”

 - Phillip Hurst, Loudon, TN


“…purchasing this package was a complete no-brainer for me. I am such a believer in niche info-product marketing. I was hoping to get my hands on some cool little products and get me something to work with for new lines of business.  When I popped in that CD, I was stunned! In addition to the products, you did all the initial "dirty work" for me.  You definitely over delivered on the research end of this…products, tons of keyword research, JV partners, and market research is like we're stealing this out of your hands.     I pay $500 for people to ghost-write each one of my niche products! I am getting near-complete products for pennies compared to what I'd have to pay normally!

- Bob Regnerus, Palos Heights, IL - Affiliate-Management-Software.com


“A great package that complements Public Domain Riches ie I refer back to the lesson in Public Domain Riches for the how to steps. Each subject is well researched, and it is just a matter of following steps to get a site up plus a back end.”

 - Bronwyn Buck, Currumbin, Queensland Australia


“…I have never seen such a detailed, well-thought out package in my entire life!  With the Public Domain Riches Gold Mine Vol. 1, you've given us lucky few who purchased a comprehensive "business in a box" that we can run with out of the chute.

And, since there is such a wealth of materials and topics, we all have the freedom to create our own successful businesses without stepping all over each other's toes.  I already see the potential to add some back-end products to some of my existing businesses, as well as create entirely new income streams that have the potential to eclipse what I'm already doing online.  Thank you Yanik and Michael for pulling out all the stops and giving me some amazing tools and resources to help me catapult my online success to the next level. I'm really looking forward to receiving Volume 2, and I'm so glad I decided to go ahead and spring for both Volumes.”

 - Chuck Smith, Pepperell, MA - QuiltingBusiness.com


“What an amazing package of totally practical and useful information. A true "Money Making Toolkit". The keyword research data alone makes this well worth the price - and 35 public domain works are just the icing on the cake.”

 - Don Paul Boyll,  Marlboro, NY - Original-money.com


"The Public Domain Riches Gold Mine has launched me forward significantly in my internet niche marketing.  I don't have to worry about time-consuming product development.  Launching a revenue-generating web site is only a few steps away after ordering this package.  This means that money will be streaming into my bank account much sooner and with less of my time and energy.  The time and money this package has saved me is worth much more than the reasonable price I paid for it."

 - Jason Van Orden, Salt Lake City, UT


“Wow! I purchased the package hoping there would be ONE thing (out of 35) that I could get excited about. There are 6 that I'm very excited to get to. And 5 or 6 more that I'm sure I can do something with too! And hey, more than that, if I have time when finished with those.”

 - Jim Nelson, Covington, Kentucky - Jugglenow.com


"Since purchasing the PD Riches GM product a few weeks ago and following along with the step-by-step process recommended, I've already researched and found 7 Public Domain titles covering different subjects with good internet searches and poor internet advertising! There really is a 'gold mine' out there waiting to be mined!"

- Ken Alston, Chief Plant-aholic

Commonwealth Plants, LLC, Japanese-maple.com


“To be honest, Public Domain Riches Gold Mine Vol 1 is amazing. Now I am making my own derivative works in my first language. It is fun. Now I can say good-bye to NO PAIN, NO GAIN. Life is short. We got to enjoy our lives. Thanks a million, Michael & Yanik. You guys did a great job…”

 - Kazuyuki Omino, Tokyo, Japan



“…I put the package [Public Domain Goldmine] on my bookshelf and kept working with my coaching clients until one day, my wife SCREAMED (she's pregnant), "You have to clean up that shelf!" Yikes, so I did and guess what, I popped in the CD into my computer and started fooling around with the package. To my surprise, I realized, "HEY, I know this book!" I got so THRILLED that I gobbled it up and sent it to my friend Bill and we got SO excited by our results that SleepYourWayToRiches.com was born two and a half weeks later and now we're projecting a nice "high" 5 figure income a month from the sales of the book and all of the possible derivative works from it. Thank You soooo much for this. My business has just been transformed because of it!”

 - Rasheed Ali, Jamaica, NY, SleepYourWayToRiches.com


There you have it.


Now even though this is an even incredible package already – we’re going to do you one better and make it absolutely irresistible with…


7 Exclusive Free Bonuses Genuinely Worth $535.00

(Notice we’re not giving you some ridiculous

overstated number like $25,000.00 in free bonuses)


Free Bonus #1: Web Site Templates – You’ll get 55 professionally designed template layouts. All you need to do is add text to the graphic buttons and the layout and you’re ready to go! These 55 templates are ready to use. All you need to do is insert your product information and contact details and upload them to your web site host.

The average person takes less than 10 minutes to copy and paste their product information into the template and make the changes to the contact links.


You can start with absolutely any template you like, then dress it up with striking buttons, flashy images, logos and other features ...or, just keep it simple.  It's really all up to you.

All of these templates are specially designed to make the editing process as easy as possible.  All the hard work's done for you! Professionally designed templates can run you hundreds but all 55 are yours free with this package. (Value $100.00)


Free Bonus #2: Sales Letter Templates – In only minutes you can quickly and easily create a winning sales letter guaranteed to sell your new niche information product…without writing! I’m going to hand you a collection 5 different ‘boiler-plate’ letter formats you can use for almost any work. It’s easy because you don’t need to be a master copywriter once you follow the formula in this exclusive bonus.


Just think! You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of trying to write a powerful sales letter yourself. Or pay big bucks hiring a top copywriter. Now, you can get everything all done for you, practically handed to you on a silver platter. You simply fill-in-the-blanks...and you’re done in about 7 minutes -- flat! (Value $50.00)


Free Bonus #3: “How to Drive Maximum Traffic To Your Niche Site” You’ll get an hour-long CD audio where the two of us discuss the real "in's and out's" to getting tons of traffic to your niche website. You’ll be privy to 6 gigantic and most profitable traffic generating machines. And Michael even comes clean on how he gets over 70,000 unique visitors each month to his home decorating site! This interview has never been released before. (Value $49.00)


Free Bonus #4: “How to Accept Payments Online in 24 Hours or Less” Inside this simple-to-follow report you’ll find out exactly how to begin accepting credit cards and Paypal payments immediately. Unless you’re making it easy for people to give you money – you’re really shooting yourself in the foot. This exclusive material shows you exactly how to get up and going and taking money right away without having your own costly merchant account. This report is filled with screenshots so it’s totally step-by-step and easy to follow for everyone. (Value $29.00)


Free Bonus #5: “How to Make Big Money With Derivative Works” If you want the secret to making really good money with this public domain material I’m going to let the cat out of the bag. You’ll see how to take the original material provided and turn it into highly profitable (and very much in-demand) information products that you can sell for $200.00, $500.00, $1000.00 or more…and then you own the copyright! Yes, creating a derivative works takes a little bit more time and effort but the rewards are definitely worth it. And now you’ll have a blueprint when you’re ready to pursue these high-priced information products inside this never-before-released special report. (Value $149.00)


Free Bonus #6: “How to Profit from a Content-Rich Site Using Google AdSense” Michael is going to share with you his secrets to creating content-rich sites that make you money running Google AdSense on them. There’s definitely a science to this and now you’ll find out how to design the kind of content sites that get maximum clicks from visitors so you get paid over and over again for the ads you show on the page from Google. It’s yet another income stream for your online business. (Value $29.00)


Free Bonus #7: “77 Places to Advertise Your Niche Information Product” This private report features 77 of the best places you can start immediately buying advertising for your niche info product. Little-known places you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, banner networks, ezines directories, and much more! (Value $29.00)


With everything you're getting here we can confidently tell you we've done 98.7% of the hard work for you. We've tried to think of everything you need to shatter any excuses or roadblocks you've had standing in your way. But in case you’re still a tiny bit unsure you’re full protected by our amazing…


100% “We’ll Buy It Back Guarantee”

(Plus a $50 Penalty To Boot)


Listen, we’re so confident the Public Domain GoldMine™ package is something you won’t want to part with that we’ll actually buy it back from you at full price anytime for up to 12 months. Plus if you show us you actually tried to put your product together but it didn’t sell we’ll pay you an extra $50 penalty for wasting your time.


That’s a pretty bold guarantee and potentially puts us on the hook for $12,500.00 but we’re not worried. Not only because this is the ultimate “do-it-for-me” package but also because we’ll have plenty of people on the waitlist after the first 250 are sold and it won’t be a problem to re-sell this package.


However, before we wrap this up – let’s cover a few final points you should be fully aware of and must agree to before ordering this package…


o   You cannot resell the package. If you decide you’d like to profit by offering resell rights you can only do so to a product you have created yourself (a derivative work in which you have added your own comments, illustrations, translation, etc.) not by selling the 10  works here ‘as is or any of the other bonuses or components included’. Translation: You cannot resell the material in whole or part in another “public domain” site, “content” site or a “resell rights” site unless you have substantially created a different derivative work from the material.


o   You can include no more than 3 of the 10 public domain works ‘as is’ as bonuses or inside ‘member’s only’ websites. If you would like to offer the works as bonuses you cannot package up more than 3 of them ‘as is’ without making changes to be included as bonuses or part of any membership sites.


o   You do not pay royalties. You keep 100% of the money you sell your products for. You do not have to pay any type of ongoing royalties to us for any product created and you may sell as many products as you like from the material.


o   You may claim copyrights. By making changes to the content provided you may claim copyrights on the material (i.e adding your own comments, illustrations, translation, compiling into a specific order, making recommendations, combining works, recording onto a different medium, etc).


o   No income claims are made or implied. This package is not some kind of "silver bullet" or guaranteed ticket to riches. Far from it. It still comes down to what you make of it and the actions you take and we cannot guarantee that you will make any money since we don’t know you or your business.


o   No legal liability is assumed. We are not attorneys and are not offering legal advice. Even though we have been extremely diligent and gone above and beyond in clearing copyrights to the material – Yanik Silver, Surefire Marketing, Inc, Michael Holland and ImagineQuest Information Products, Inc – are not liable in the extremely unlikely event any type of copyright or legal issues may arise from your use of this material.


I think you'll agree these limitations serve everyone and are pretty straightforward. Now with that out of the way…

Here's How To Order Right Now

For your own good, and before we hit our strict 250 person limit - get this now!  It could be the spark that changes your life forever and helps you finally start making the money you deserve. Just click here to order using our safe and secure server. 

Don't wait another minute and kick yourself later when these packages sell out (like they did every other time we’ve released it before) and you’re left on the sidelines.


Get in on this now!






Yanik Silver & Michael Holland


P.S. We’ve done all the hard work for you, the market research for you, we’ve cleared the copyrights, we scanned the works and even laid out a complete profit plan for you to profit from. Now the next step is up to you!


P.P.S. When you make deposits at the bank does anyone ask you if you made your money the easy way or the hard way? Do they give you a little extra interest percentage if you did everything yourself? Of course not! Why keeping banging your head against the wall. We’re going to hand you the biggest shortcut you need to start making money with 10 different in-demand and big-profit potential works. But don’t wait because these 250 packages for each niche volume will be sold out in no time flat!


Order Immediately to Avoid Disappointment



Note: After one year from release we reserve the right to take small portions of these works (no more than 3 works at a time) and put them into general compilation editions. You can still rest assured competition will remain minimal because only 250 sets of these broad works will be sold and the selected works, if used, will only be used one additional time.  




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Note: After one year from release we reserve the right to take small portions of these works (no more than 3 works at a time) and put them into general compilation editions. You can still rest assured competition will remain minimal because only 250 sets of these broad works will be sold and the selected works, if used, will only be used one additional time.